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Ch. 1

Once an unmitigated member of the heavenly skies, I am now bound to the Earth as if my wings are anchored to the molten rivers of the Earth’s core.

There is but one other who has fallen as low as I, but his name must not be spoken.

This all began when I fell to the ground in quiet solitude, flung from the clouds of Paradise into the dark back alley of a Toronto based Burger King. I lay covered in rain and dirt, and closed my eyes against the tsunami of despair filling my lungs. The blackness beneath my lids gave me hope that this might all be a nightmare, that I would open my eyes to the vast warmth of God’s abode.

God turned out to be a shrivelled up homeless cat sitting on my chest, attempting to chew my grime covered wings. I threw the cat off of my body with a shriek and pushed myself against the wall.

The rain pelted against the dumpster beside me as I looked up into the ever-pour. Blackness engulfed the skies as coarse thunder filled my keen ears. The zigzag of the downtown traffic filled my peripherals.

I looked down at my hands. Pale, translucent hands. Made for the clear skies, but shrivelling in the rain.

I sat in silence for a few moments, contemplating my next move. I decided to first get out of the rain. I pushed myself up onto my feet and walked out into the street. The passers-by all gawked and stared, craning their heads to get a glimpse of me.

It was then that I realized how cold, and exposed, my breasts were. He could’ve at least given me clothes before hurling me into the depths of the Fallen world.

I sighed and pushed my way through the crowd, as people shrieked at my wings or shouted at me to take off my stupid costume and find some real clothes. I shoved my way into the Burger King, dripping wet, butt naked, with a set of wings tucked against my back. They were now only visible from behind.

The folks at Burger King stopped eating to stare at me. I rolled my eyes and walked up to the counter.

“I need some clothes, please,” I said, staring into the eyes of this freckled faced elf boy who was trying his best to look me in the eyes.

“I- I’m sorry, miss, but we sell food here, not clothes,” he stuttered.

“Excuse me!” shouted a stout man as he stalked up to me with eyes pulled into slits. “If you do not leave this establishment right now, I will call the police!”

“Just try it and see, you lump,” I spat.

“Hey, hey, here, I’ve got a jacket you can borrow,” said another man, walking up behind me and handing me a jacket.

“Thank you,” I smiled, pulling it on. It fell to my knees, covering up almost everything, and had soft fur lining the hood and insides.

“I’ll help you outside,” said the boy, gesturing towards the door.

I gave the stout man another glare before following the boy out into the rain.

“Sorry, I didn’t want things to get ugly in there,” the man said, rubbing his thumb to his scruffy chin.

“That’s alright, thank you for the jacket,” I said, pulling it tighter around me.

“Yeah, about that, are you… alright? Can I help you get somewhere, or find someone?” His eyes flashed with curiosity.

I sighed. “No, I just need to find a place that will give me clothes.”

“Here, there’s a salvation army right down the street who can probably help you out, let me take you, it’ll be on me,” he guided me down the busy sidewalk into a small store lit by soft yellow lights and cluttered with boxes of clothing.

The man walked up to the counter and handed the woman behind the counter a bill. He walked back to me with a small smile.

“You can go ahead and pick out an outfit for yourself,” he said, rubbing his face again. “Including a jacket… since I’ll be needing mine back, unfortunately.”

“Alright,” I said, pulling out a sheer blouse from a basket and holding it against the light for inspection. “These aren’t very good quality,” I mumbled.

“Yes, well,” he shrugged.

“It’ll do,” I huffed, pulling an outfit together and handing the man his jacket back. I began to pull on my new clothes in the middle of the store, much to everyone’s shock and dismay. I looked down at my new tank top, jeans and button-down lumberjack shirt. The man handed me a bright red jacket from a hanger in the corner.

It had no fur.

“Well,” he said, pulling on his jacket, “I hope you find your way okay, but I’ll have to be going. Also, you have wings taped to your back, just so you know…”

As he ran his hand through his copper hair, I suddenly remembered who this man was.

“Alastair!” I shouted, pointing at him. “Oh wow, you’ve grown up!”

He looked incredulously at me. “I- I’m sorry? How do you know my name?”

“How’s Shima?” I asked excitedly.

His face coloured with bewilderment.

“Are you two married yet?”

He blinked rapidly and took a step back. “Um, actually, she dumped me a couple of weeks ago, but… who are you?”

My face dropped as confusion and agony filled my insides, and my world began to flood with the ice-cold despair I had been holding back inside my lungs.

~~Ch. 2 to come


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There was a whisper

There was a whisper

In the cold winter air

The words of my saviour

Just hanging there

and I took to wonderin’

Why I walked away

into the darkness

Why I didn’t stay

His voice was like honey

Warm, thick and sweet

The teardrops of angels

Fell by his feet

and he was a vision

within the dark snow

I watched him awaken

and then I let go


Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I’m unfortunately a busy child. I just want all of my followers to know how much I appreciate that you still visit my blog, and how much I love that there are people out there who love my writing as much as I do.

Thank you so much. There are many things that words can do, but expressing my gratitude for the blogging world is one thing they can’t.


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The Elusive One

I tilt my head to soft grey skies
As droplets pelt against my face
I wonder with a numb surmise
If maybe I could catch your gaze

If this crowd of pulsing vigour
Held your warm frame in its cold
As I felt my own frame quiver
I wished your hand in mine to hold

And trudging through this concrete place
I held the gaze of many peers
Of you I could not find a trace
Never in these eighteen years

You’re a shadow making shivers
Running from the light of day
Fighting oceans, seas and rivers
Returning, when I’m turned away

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The chasing, the running, the panic-filled eyes
The roses, the truffles, the blood covered lies
The bed made, of roses, with thorns still intact
The soft, whispered oath, of a life still detached

The carriage, of hopefuls, all waiting to die
The hit list, of people, lodged in your files
The charred holes, untainted, rest in your clothes
I focus, on mundane, pretend I don’t know

The cries of, the lone wolves, have now settled down
The moon hangs, above me; eclipsed by the clouds
I see you, your shadow, so distant and vague
And wonder, with weary, when you lost yourself

The sun shines, through windows, and paints your face bright
I touch it, and ask you, where you spent the night
You half-smile, and snicker, hiding your crimes
You hold me and say, you were here the whole time.


Hey there blogosphere!
So, I realize that it has been a while.
I just wrote this poem, and I really seem to like it; so I’ve decided to share it with the world.
I hope you enjoy it!


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A Rescue

I saw them float, I saw them die
They chased me up and down the tides
They bit my flesh, and robbed my dreams
They took my voice, and jarred my screams

The water held me captive too
It wouldn’t let me come to you
And when I asked, where you might be
It made me beg, it made me plead!

Dry land was just too far away
So I reached out, for the bright sun rays
When from the surface, I broke through
You grabbed my hand, pulled me to you

I breathed in air, coughed up the sea
I looked up to see your eyes on me
You shed a tear, and then you said,
“You may have drowned, but you’re not dead.”


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A red balloon, A silver light
The fearlessness to want to fight
The long climb up the jagged rocks
The jump off of the broken dock

It flies away, It trickles in
The power’s bottled up again
Losing grip, to hit the floor
Into the blue, to Nevermore.

Into the blue, to Nevermore. <<< To me, this line means to fall into something brand new; something that frightens you to the core of your soul, and to never again look back. To just keep swimming and treading the water until maybe you find where you want to go. But, until then, don't look back. Never look back.

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The crying of a widow in the silence of the night
Reaching through the pain to try to run, try to fight
But something in the shadows pulled her right out of our sight
By a monster or a demon in the darkness of the night

Like a ribbon or a poppy it was brighter than bright red
His blood poured from his wound and tainted his death bed
The fact that she was lost made no sense in his head
He closed his eyes and prayed as he was swallowed by the dead

The demons laughed and danced, as we came onto the scene
Your arm around my waist and on your shoulder I did lean
Nothing could’ve stopped me as I drew my breath to scream!
When the demons pulled us under and ripped you far away from me

I hit the ground and wiped blood off my sweaty, pallid face
I stood and ran as they laughed and sang, searching for my place
Then there she was, a bloody mess, the loser of the race
My spirit broke, and I was gone – broken and displaced.

You fought their grip, and chased me down, stopped the rattling of my bones
Your eyes were red, as you fought them off, to desperately atone
But soon enough they took you too, and I was left alone
In my white cell made of padded bricks, turning into stone.


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