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When I look into your eyes

I see myself, reflecting back

Not only because they are the same hue

of darkest brown

But because their glistening fervour

matches my own

And in those eyes

not only do I see my face

weighed down by the days that I missed

the school plays I couldn’t go to

the Halloweens I didn’t see

your first day of school.

I see your heart breaking

Your aches that you are too young

to know what they mean

and so

You smile

Front two spaces of teeth


Because the teeth tottered out of your mouth

when I wasn’t looking

And your unspoken anger

I feel when you latch on to me

before I step on to a bus

Your slow-building anger

I feel thicken your voice

when I can’t reach the phone

Your burning, bleeding resentment

That you only show

when you tell me I miss you

Make me wonder

if dreams are worth it

If mine meant that I had to leave you behind.


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Soft as liquid silk, her dress
But filled with bloody holes
Her soldiers stand on guard for her
Destroying in the cold

Like feathers on a peacock’s skin
Plucking from the root
Tears of pain and loss streak down
Protecting what it could

Cries of mangled limbs arise
The shattered glass rips ripe
Through soft white skin and blood red lips
And hair as black as night

The horses ride through poppies red
With soldiers on their backs
With faces weary, cold and scared
Unable to attack

Shadows fall across the land
As dear Snow White cries out
To her scared brave soldiers in the mud
Fighting for her doubts


I’ve started a new poetry series about the Disney princesses. This one about Snow White is the first one in the series; it sets the tone for the rest of them. There’s more to come so please come back soon!


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So, somehow, in some way, I’ve reached 50 subscribers. I realize that this is not a significant amount of people, but still, for someone like me, it’s a lot of people I’ve welcomed into my world, and my heart. I would like to thank everyone that follows my blog. Thank you for reading my poems, thank you for accepting me into your hearts as a poet.
The following is a short little poem entitled, ‘The Midnight Spark’

The flowers ebb against the vines
And leave the morning dew behind
And nestle in, amidst the dark
Wait patient, for the midnight spark~

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The Elusive One

I tilt my head to soft grey skies
As droplets pelt against my face
I wonder with a numb surmise
If maybe I could catch your gaze

If this crowd of pulsing vigour
Held your warm frame in its cold
As I felt my own frame quiver
I wished your hand in mine to hold

And trudging through this concrete place
I held the gaze of many peers
Of you I could not find a trace
Never in these eighteen years

You’re a shadow making shivers
Running from the light of day
Fighting oceans, seas and rivers
Returning, when I’m turned away

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The sunlight boils and burns my skin
The light pours through the blinds
Remembering the pain you brought
I leave it all behind

I part the clouds and stumble through
The mess that lies ahead
The long vines coil around my legs
And pull me back to bed

The fog begins to haze my thoughts
The misty rain appears
I close my eyes and breathe in drags
Give in to all my fears

Canopied by the night sky
Surrounded by soft flakes
My blood stains the ground below
I regret all my mistakes

The snow falls fast, the wind does howl
My tired soul is spent
I fall into a sea of blood
Battered, broken, bent

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The Warmth of Winter

He held her hands, warmth in warmth
they fed each other their life supply
Huddled together, nestled against,
the frigid cold of winter’s cry

Born from the Earth, he from the sun,
both far away from home
No one there but Levana herself
Now alone, together, they roam

Floating across the river’s arms,
As rare as the flakes of snow
That fluttered to the ice around them
Nomadic, they traveled slow

Swirls of wind seemed to lift them,
Gusts of air so cold
Her tears froze on her rosy cheeks,
they’ll make it home, she’s told.

He stopped and then breathed in the night.
Eyes closed, focused on her
He felt her presence fade away;
in the distance, a figure stirred

It jumped out and grabbed him by the leg
it dragged him far from her
When his eyes closed for the last time,
he knew not what had occurred

Her tears now frozen on her face,
around her waist his arm.
As the winter air wisps through their hut,
she holds his hands, warmth in warmth .

Levana means ‘moon’ in Hebrew, in case you were wondering. My birthday is in December, so it’s fast approaching! Yes I’m very excited!
I’m not too sure about the tenses in this poem, because I feel like I used present tense in places that should be past because if you notice, the only place I purposefully used present tense was the last stanza, the rest of it is supposed to be in past tense; so if you could help me fix that then that would be great because I’m kind of at a loss for what to do and I think this poem just needs a fresh pair of eyes.
Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

ta-ta loves.

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Sometimes I hear her breathing,
in my dreams,
only to realize,
it’s just her memory.
Held far away from me,
on a string too high to reach.
She dangles, suspended
and begs me, to end it
my pining tears her apart
until I realize,
she was never there from the start.
When I lay with her, beside her
just waiting
she dreamt of, his arms
There’s no hope, never was,
and in the end
It’s me who, still has to
pretend .

ahhhh it’s been a while…I felt like posting this poem for some reason, I don’t know why. It was a strange and sudden urge. I just wrote it about 15 minutes ago. It was a strange experiece; I felt like maybe I was possessed for a few minutes by a guy writing down his feelings through me. This poem is in the perspective of a guy still depressed over his girlfriend, and in case you didn’t realize, I am a girl and am not interested in other girls like that, so this poem was something else for me. Not something that would happen to me, but I can still relate to his heartache. It’s a strange kind of empathy, if that makes any sense.

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