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Shattered glass is raining down
The shards nip at my skin
Underneath the streams of blood
Don’t know where to begin

Eyes as cold as winter’s snow
Tell me that I’m gone
Hold me down with death like arms
A grip that’s just too strong

I lie in pools of jagged rocks
The pain seeps through my skin
I see death riding by on his
Cloud of horrid sins

What I once was is dead and done
I’ve been someone else too long
As I drown in the sea of shards
Death sings his bloody song


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               My eyes are wide open,

I can’t fall asleep.

I just see the shadows,

creeping up on me.

               They engulf me in their darkness,

they take away my breath;

they leave me so frightened,

they fill me with unrest.

             I can’t seem to process,

what I’m supposed to do now.

Do I just close my eyes?

Do I scream, do I shout?

            I try to see more clearly,

through all of these clouds.

But I keep tossing and turning,

I just cannot get out.

This is just me every night. I’m always uneasy, always restless. There’s something bothering me but I just can’t pinpoint what it is. I have trouble sleeping sometimes because I’m always thinking about everything.

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