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When I look into your eyes

I see myself, reflecting back

Not only because they are the same hue

of darkest brown

But because their glistening fervour

matches my own

And in those eyes

not only do I see my face

weighed down by the days that I missed

the school plays I couldn’t go to

the Halloweens I didn’t see

your first day of school.

I see your heart breaking

Your aches that you are too young

to know what they mean

and so

You smile

Front two spaces of teeth


Because the teeth tottered out of your mouth

when I wasn’t looking

And your unspoken anger

I feel when you latch on to me

before I step on to a bus

Your slow-building anger

I feel thicken your voice

when I can’t reach the phone

Your burning, bleeding resentment

That you only show

when you tell me I miss you

Make me wonder

if dreams are worth it

If mine meant that I had to leave you behind.


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There is a wind, where a wish might be

Through the leaves of the barren, in the hollows of trees

I found my wish, amongst your flames

Though the weather is frantic, your fires are tame


I saw a light, somewhere far

I whispered to nighttime, to where you are

While you’ve disappeared, and we’re so far apart

you’re always here, in the folds of my heart

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Who Am I?

Hai guys!

I know, I’m a terrible person who does not post very often.
BUT, if any of you are bookworms like me, I have written a sonnet adaptation of the book “Train Man.” Check it out!

My reflection is crooked, it hides in the sun
Who was I before I first spoke aloud?
I’ve morphed from nobody into someone
I now raise my eyes when lost in a crowd
She’s just like her teacups, delicate, rare
And mirrors don’t bend to her quiet gaze
Her smile is like stars, her skin soft and fair
The moon smiles back, at her sweet blushing face
She, unlike me, is fervent symmetry
Her slender hand in my misshapen glove
With her I stand straight, I finally see
Although we’re uneven, is this still love?
Though my hair is now short, clothes hip and chic
How much can I change? Inside, I’m a geek


And now, I shall give an update about my life.
So, I’m gonna be honest here, I’m going through a bit of a rough patch.
I think it’s mostly because I’ve lost confidence in the things I like to do.
If you asked me two years ago what I thought I was good at, and who I wanted to be, I would’ve told you that I am a good writer, and that I wanted to grow up and be a published author.
But now, as I’m surrounded by a sea of other writers, many of whom are much, much better than myself… I realize the mediocrity of my work..

I try SO HARD. I give everything that I do one hundred and twenty-one percent, but I feel like it’s getting me nowhere, I FEEL LIKE I’VE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING.
It’s come to the point where I FEEL LIKE I CAN’T BREATHE without it feeling like a STAB in the part of my brain that’s supposed to be motivating me… a STAB of disappointment…
I wish I did more. I WISH I COULD DO MORE!

I just… I never really realized how truly mortal I was… how short my time is… how much I want it to mean something. And how much I’m just failing at every aspect of trying to be something bigger than myself.

I am inspired by many things, and now, I just want to be inspirational.


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You and I

I wish these weren’t memories

I wish that these were real

Why are all these aching things

The only things I feel


I know that you’re a breath away

A heart beat’s reach from me

But it seems that lately you and I

Are as far as we can be

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To see me

To see you so broken
Flesh hanging loose
A shell of a human
beneath the rope noose

To see you so filthy
Dirt caking on
your baby pink skin
Your innocence gone

To see you so heartless
Your eyes cold as Jade
To see me and not know
the mess that you’ve made

To see me so withered
So desperately sad
And not be here with me
holding my hand

You are a monster
A cold-blooded ghost
If only you weren’t
whom I treasured most


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A Cyclops
I view you through my monocle
I see you
My mind is dead and body’s cold
I feel you
My ice cold fingers reaching far
I need you
No matter who the fuck you are

This desert
Drenched with shit and bloodied sweat
Is aching
It trembles with my dying breath
and I know
No matter where I’m standing now
There’s no hope
I’ll never find you in this crowd

And I’m here
I’ve never left this blackened hole
I’m charred
I see the faint wisps of my soul
I hear it
The beating wings of desert air
The deadness
Disembodied, cold despair


Dear everyone,

I don’t think I’ve ever written a poem in this format before. It’s something different, and I think I really like it. I think that it’s still a bit rough, but it’s good enough for now. You have to read it out loud for full effect.


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There was a whisper

There was a whisper

In the cold winter air

The words of my saviour

Just hanging there

and I took to wonderin’

Why I walked away

into the darkness

Why I didn’t stay

His voice was like honey

Warm, thick and sweet

The teardrops of angels

Fell by his feet

and he was a vision

within the dark snow

I watched him awaken

and then I let go


Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I’m unfortunately a busy child. I just want all of my followers to know how much I appreciate that you still visit my blog, and how much I love that there are people out there who love my writing as much as I do.

Thank you so much. There are many things that words can do, but expressing my gratitude for the blogging world is one thing they can’t.


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