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So, I’ve decided to take a slight break from all the Disney princesses. Here’s a little something inspired by The O.C. Don’t ask me why.. something about California, I guess..


River banks with silver tides
Rushing up the shore
The silver swimmer grabs his board
Ready to explore

The sunrays beam and glitter down
Sparkling through his hair
Crooked grins with ocean sins
Leaving not a care

Sandy toes and reddened skies
Waves falter underneath
Silver swimmer’s off his board
Falling to the deep

Bubbles cradle, eyes are wide
Struggling for his air
Sunbeams quickly race away
Falling to despair


Mmm Ryan Atwood is one of the best TV characters of all time.. not to mention how sexii he is! Ben McKenzie is a wonderful man..

This poem started off happy and then I don’t what happened.. but I like it 🙂

I’ve actually only recently started watching the show.. it was popular when I was like, 10 and watched shows like Zoey 101 and Lizzie Mcguire, etc. So basically I wasn’t really into teen dramas yet.. I haven’t finished all the seasons yet but it’s really good so far, although Mischa Barton’s acting can be better..

Anyways, it’s 32 degrees outside and I’m trying to stay alive, chimo for now!



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Deep beneath the ocean blue
Behind the coral reef
Trapped amidst her sunken shore
Of bitter disbelief

Envy colours pallid face
Fire hair with green
Her eyes narrowed as she sees
The people from her dreams

Legs – they dangle from the top
Giggles travel down
She rips through waves and disappears
Somewhere in the crowd

A princess in her own domain
To them she is a shark
Screams begin to fill the air
As their worlds become dark

Her sharp teeth tearing through their flesh
Blue now turning red
She fills with anger as they swim
Safely up ahead

She speeds up like a motor boat
Invisible like thread
Just when they think Ariel’s gone
She rips their legs to shreds


Ariel’s a hard girl to write about. Let me just say one thing; upon writing a poem about Little Mermaid, you have to take in how trapped this girl must feel. Living in the ocean with the heart of a human but the body of a fish – it must truly be painful. I wondered what she would be like if Disney hadn’t tarnished her character with its classic people pleasing rainbows. She would be quite bitter. And if she was like any other normal teenage girl, she would be a jealous bitch. She would hate all of the bikini wearing beach go-ers that inadvertently rubbed their legs in her face. So naturally, what would it come to?

I obviously took it to an extreme, but if she were a real mermaid girl she would probably behave something like this. Even if she didn’t rip off their legs she’d probably put food colouring or something in the water so they all came out with funny coloured skin. Who knows.

Stay beautiful ❤


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