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Cindy’s run to nab her prince
Much to their dismay
The midnight fog begins to roll
The rest have gone away

She runs through woods with mice at foot
Her dress now drenched with mud
The guard dogs have now lost their way
Amidst the blackened flood

Cindy sees the castle near
In her home her family lies
In heaps of gore and flesh and blood
Stifled in their cries

Cindy smiles a crooked grin
Her sharp teeth smudged with red
A guard comes to block her way
Two seconds and he’s dead

Her gold hair tied behind her head
Her red eyes bright and clear
She storms the castle walls and rips
All who dare come near

Her stomach growls and jumps for joy
Devours all who’s left
She climbs the steps with feline grace
Her precious prince is next


This one’s a bit more in-your-face. I love that I’ve erased the pure, sweet imagery that Cinderella usually brings about and have replaced it with something truly evil. Just a life lesson, boys and girls; there are two sides to every story.

Cinderella was always my favourite Disney princess. I guess I never stopped to think about what happens after the happily ever after.

Still more to come, if I can hunt down and harness the inspiration. Keep on keeping on!



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Golden curls fall down her back
The sun begins to hide
Her crooked smile shines through the night
As stars flood through the sky

Her nails as sharp as hunters’ knives
Her prince silently waits
She floats her way through moonlit paths
Through heavy golden gates

Her fairies float around her face
And whisper in her ears
Her hundred year long slumber broke
Now she embodies fear

Miss beauty’s spinning wheel is gone
Her curse now born anew
Her prince has come to wake her up
She’s come to wake him too

He leans in for the long lost kiss
She shuts her eyes as well
Before their lips can finally meet
She casts her dreaded spell

She sinks her teeth into his throat
Her love betrayed for gold
Her pink dress now all stained with blood
His body growing cold


This is the second poem in my Fairy-tales series, I hope you’re all enjoying the irony in these poems.

I was just inspired to show the darker side of happily-ever after, if you know what I mean. I understand that what I’m writing is a bit extreme – I mean, Sleeping Beauty as a vampire? Seriously? I get it. I just wanted to portray that not everyone is perfect and often times instinct takes priority over everything else.

Stay tuned for more – Cinderella is next.


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Soft as liquid silk, her dress
But filled with bloody holes
Her soldiers stand on guard for her
Destroying in the cold

Like feathers on a peacock’s skin
Plucking from the root
Tears of pain and loss streak down
Protecting what it could

Cries of mangled limbs arise
The shattered glass rips ripe
Through soft white skin and blood red lips
And hair as black as night

The horses ride through poppies red
With soldiers on their backs
With faces weary, cold and scared
Unable to attack

Shadows fall across the land
As dear Snow White cries out
To her scared brave soldiers in the mud
Fighting for her doubts


I’ve started a new poetry series about the Disney princesses. This one about Snow White is the first one in the series; it sets the tone for the rest of them. There’s more to come so please come back soon!


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