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I always thought my soul was free
But then you set your gaze on me
The shackles came and locked me too
The day I smashed right into you

You held my heart right in your hands
We did our silent lovers’ dance
I fell from grace, right into hell
Right into your unyielding spell

And now I hear you through the walls
The voices just won’t end their calls
The whispers echo in the night
Your face becomes a maddening sight

Here we are, one day remains
But still you’ll always bring me pain
My wrists will bleed from shackles of
Your cold half-hearted sigh of love



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Shooting Star

Streaks of glitter fill the sky
A billion miles too far
As the daylight fades away
We see the shooting star

Making wishes on its flames
We slowly close our eyes
Hoping that it brings us joy
Hoping for surprise


Just wanted to write a happy poem to celebrate the second anniversary for this blog!! Yay!! Pop the champagne 😉

This blog has been like a shooting star for me, in that it has made a lot of my wishes come true ❤

Thank you to everyone who still follows me, thank you for putting up with two years of my ramblings! It means a lot 🙂


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So this isn’t one of the best poems I’ve ever written, but I’ve been lacking in creativity lately. Here it is;

I stand quiet on your porch
And fight away my fears
I gently press against the bell
Holding back my tears

I see your staring, ice blue eyes
Shooting through the glass
I see you turn and disappear
Just like in the past

The snow falls fast, cuts through the wind
Sprinkles in my hair
I hear your steps behind the door
Which through it we both stare

You turn the knob and time speeds up
And then I see your face
I let the night take me away
Leaving not a trace


I’ve been really scattered lately, my emotions a level of neutral so close to zero that it doesn’t even register.

You know what’s funny? I would rather be depressed than ever feel like this. I feel like a zombie, just sort of going through the motions. I don’t know if it’s me or university that’s been turning me into a zombie.

I just want to get angry, but I don’t have the energy.

So my point is, without extreme emotions, my creative juices don’t really flow and I produce half-ass crap such as the ‘poem’ above. Also all of my poems are beginning to sound the same.

I need a new style of writing, and some renewed inspiration.

Someone help me.


P.S. – Also, I’ve begun to hate school. Like, really really hate it. I feel like it’s what’s been sucking out my creativity.

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