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So, somehow, in some way, I’ve reached 50 subscribers. I realize that this is not a significant amount of people, but still, for someone like me, it’s a lot of people I’ve welcomed into my world, and my heart. I would like to thank everyone that follows my blog. Thank you for reading my poems, thank you for accepting me into your hearts as a poet.
The following is a short little poem entitled, ‘The Midnight Spark’

The flowers ebb against the vines
And leave the morning dew behind
And nestle in, amidst the dark
Wait patient, for the midnight spark~


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There flew all my haunted dreams
Through the hallowed halls
Back to what I was back then
On the bathroom stalls

Written in their blackest ink
Etched into the wood
Words of whispered dusty truths
Reflecting where I stood

Dancing in their sharpened ears
Were the stifled lies
Crying out my silent dreams
Cutting all my ties

I became a hollow soul
Living through their words
Growing in their whisperings
Knowing just what hurts

Still trying to study for my math midterm… writing poetry instead…


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The Silver Birches on the water
Reflecting in its moonlit glow
Floated down the boundless river
Looking for a place to go

Fairies twinkled in the distance
Dancing in their pixie ways
The Birches floated to their music
Looking for a place to stay

The ivy grew in spindly patterns
Growing on the river’s arms
Blocking way for Silver Birches;
Fairies sprinkled down their charms

They moved the ivy from the river
Let the Birches float on by
The Birches danced to Fairy music
Still looking for a place to lie


Currently I’m sitting in the library, attempting to study for a math midterm. Obviously getting distracted by the Silver Birches and Fairies dancing through my mind. This is a different type of poem that I’ve written in that it has nothing to do with death.. or blood.. .. maybe .. :S


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Trapped within your spindly hands
Caged inside your dreams
Stuck amidst your crazy dance
Locked behind your seams

Living in a world not mine
Breathing with your lungs
Standing with your broken spine
Speaking with your tongue

Forever frozen in your mind
Life becomes a chore
As others leave me far behind
I fit my world in yours

My shadow stems from your dark heart
And pours itself in me
As I become a work of art
in your memories.

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