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The Elusive One

I tilt my head to soft grey skies
As droplets pelt against my face
I wonder with a numb surmise
If maybe I could catch your gaze

If this crowd of pulsing vigour
Held your warm frame in its cold
As I felt my own frame quiver
I wished your hand in mine to hold

And trudging through this concrete place
I held the gaze of many peers
Of you I could not find a trace
Never in these eighteen years

You’re a shadow making shivers
Running from the light of day
Fighting oceans, seas and rivers
Returning, when I’m turned away


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The chasing, the running, the panic-filled eyes
The roses, the truffles, the blood covered lies
The bed made, of roses, with thorns still intact
The soft, whispered oath, of a life still detached

The carriage, of hopefuls, all waiting to die
The hit list, of people, lodged in your files
The charred holes, untainted, rest in your clothes
I focus, on mundane, pretend I don’t know

The cries of, the lone wolves, have now settled down
The moon hangs, above me; eclipsed by the clouds
I see you, your shadow, so distant and vague
And wonder, with weary, when you lost yourself

The sun shines, through windows, and paints your face bright
I touch it, and ask you, where you spent the night
You half-smile, and snicker, hiding your crimes
You hold me and say, you were here the whole time.


Hey there blogosphere!
So, I realize that it has been a while.
I just wrote this poem, and I really seem to like it; so I’ve decided to share it with the world.
I hope you enjoy it!


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