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The Warmth of Winter

He held her hands, warmth in warmth
they fed each other their life supply
Huddled together, nestled against,
the frigid cold of winter’s cry

Born from the Earth, he from the sun,
both far away from home
No one there but Levana herself
Now alone, together, they roam

Floating across the river’s arms,
As rare as the flakes of snow
That fluttered to the ice around them
Nomadic, they traveled slow

Swirls of wind seemed to lift them,
Gusts of air so cold
Her tears froze on her rosy cheeks,
they’ll make it home, she’s told.

He stopped and then breathed in the night.
Eyes closed, focused on her
He felt her presence fade away;
in the distance, a figure stirred

It jumped out and grabbed him by the leg
it dragged him far from her
When his eyes closed for the last time,
he knew not what had occurred

Her tears now frozen on her face,
around her waist his arm.
As the winter air wisps through their hut,
she holds his hands, warmth in warmth .

Levana means ‘moon’ in Hebrew, in case you were wondering. My birthday is in December, so it’s fast approaching! Yes I’m very excited!
I’m not too sure about the tenses in this poem, because I feel like I used present tense in places that should be past because if you notice, the only place I purposefully used present tense was the last stanza, the rest of it is supposed to be in past tense; so if you could help me fix that then that would be great because I’m kind of at a loss for what to do and I think this poem just needs a fresh pair of eyes.
Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

ta-ta loves.


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