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Fade to Black

The nectar of life,
sustained you for days.
Then you realized,
their cruel dirty ways.

Your sweet turned to sour,
your insides burned red,
and the purity inside you,
was slowly put to bed.

Your colours lost brightness,
iridescence be damned.
The shadows just lingered,
and pulled you in with their hands.

Your reign turned to terror,
you were the king of all fools,
remorse was forgotten,
you broke all the rules.

The clouds you manifested,
blocked out the sun,
and when they uttered your name,
they were as good as done.

This poem is about realizing how truly horrific the world can be, not being able to cope with it, then just giving up and joining up with the most terrible people that exist. It’s about the transition between good and evil, and it’s also about how life isn’t black and white, although we all wish it was, then things would be much simpler.

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My tears well up inside,
then slowly I am drained.
It barely lasts a moment,
never manages to sustain.

It tears me into bits,
and I’m left broken on the floor.
A puddle pools beneath me,
of tears and nothing more.

No one’s there to save me,
to hold me in their arms.
I have to help myself,
protect myself from harm.

I swim in all my tears,
I watch as they just fall.
I accept them as being needed,
why I cried I can’t recall.

I cry over everything, basically. I cry when I’m sad, when I’m angry, when I’m flustered, when I’m confused, when I’m frustrated, even when I’m happy. It’s just stupid really. I guess crying in a way is an outlet for me. And I’m not alone. I know a lot of girls (and maybe some dudes…) who cry over everything as well. It’s just annoying when I’m angry at someone and I start crying and they wonder what’s wrong with me, and it’s hard to show that I’m just so angry at them I’m crying.

By the way my music night went amazingly. I was kind of hoping everything would go wrong and fall apart because I was angry at my teacher, but then he was being nice again and I forgave him so I’m glad that things went well. Except the other trumpet player completely butchered her solo…poor girl. Oh well.

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If Fate of the Gods were an image, it would be a huge blast of red and yellow energy that shot out of the sky. The core, which would be the yellow phosphorescence of the blast, would be the powerful yet sleek sound of the trumpet. It would be cocooned with the roar of the saxophones, and then surrounded by the low basses. The flutes and clarinets would encase the rest of the blast in their soft but firm wings, and the percussion would swirl around the blast animatedly and vigorously in streams of white and blue, adding life and vigour to the power the other instruments brought.

Please enjoy this wonderful piece that I have posted below. We (my band at school) are playing this song tomorrow night during our spring music night.

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